Marqetrix Web Solutions is India’s mobile apps design and mobile development company serving global brands and cutting-edge start-ups. We’re a product team for hire that’s driven by making life better, one app at a time.

We’re here to change the way mobile app design get to market. We are on-demand service for designing and building beautiful apps for the web, mobile, and wearables. Marqetrix Web Solutions is always available to start immediately and is relentless in delivering experiences everyone can be proud of. Developing & Optimizing Brilliant Mobile App Design Experiences, we at Marqetrix Web Solutions use our skills to change the world for the better.

Through the years, we’ve gained the right to work with website design & development agencies across the globe as well as high-profile startups situated in Middle-East. It’s humbling to see our work regularly featured by Apple, Google, and the industry as a whole. There are a lot of alternatives available when it comes to mobile app design. It includes choosing what works with a Mobile App Designing Company. We are serving our clients with fulfilling their needs in App Design and Development since a very long time.

All our Mobile App Design process begins with our customers and their needs. Goals of every client would differ from one another. We, therefore, offer a customized experience to our clients which results in a professional, polished and streamlined apps that do whatever you need. We keep refreshed about your company and things that make you different from your competitors. Also, we understand the wants and goals of our potential customers. We keep our knowledge modernized about our target audiences, and then we start with Mobile App Design and Development that would seek direct contact with that particular market segment.

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Mobile App Design: Why We excel in same!

Your envision is followed dedicatedly right from the header image to footer portions. If you want reliable and quick coding for your perfect WordPress theme/template design, then we are ready with our prompt and accurate integration service to convert PSD to responsive WordPress website. Let’s have a look that how our coders work differently!

  • W3C-Compliant Markup

    We strive to 100% hand-code that assure a well structured responsive WordPress website which keeps the coding error-free and lets it stay in the competition ensuring smooth working for it.

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  • Cross-Browser Compatibility

    Our intention is to provide our customer a cross-browser & cross-operating system website, which helps you get more customers through as it goes along with different browsers and OS.

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  • SEO Friendliness

    The markups created by us prove to be the best for search engines. We work with semantic coding structure so that the responsive WordPress powered websites get the top ranking in popular search engines.

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  • Prompt Customer Support

    We provide prompt customer support service to our clients within 24hrs. Our well-trained professional PSD to WordPress conversion specialists are capable of designing great and responsive WordPress themes/templates.

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  • 100% Tableless Design

    We strive to 100% hand-code that assure a well structured responsive WordPress website which keeps the coding error-free and lets it stay in the competition ensuring smooth working for it.

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  • Pixel Perfect Design

    We provide a pixel-perfect web design, which ensures that every part of the website works together to achieve goal successfully. Our developers implement it correctly.

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PSD to WordPress Conversion Process


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    Mail us your requirement for PSD to WordPress project

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    Our team analyzes requirements, plans strategy & executes thoroughly

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    Project delivered within stipulated time-frame after cross-compatility check

Response to your Queries

Get instant answer to your questions and lets no confusion to rest anymore

Is it possible to change the requirements related to projects?

We confirm with our clients to get the details before providing our PSD to WordPress services. Therefore, such a situation infrequently occurs that you would need to change the scheduled requirements. However, if any such incidence occurs, we ensure to work on your project requirements.

Do you provide fast delivery?

Yes, we offer express delivery. For more knowledge regarding it, please contact our sales executive at

Do you work on new PSD to WordPress customization in any project?

We do work on additional customization requirements of clients in their related PSD to WordPress customization projects. We are open to hearing from you to execute your plans demand in the complete professional process. However, the extra customization may take extra time and consequently the service charge too.

How do you determine the cost of PSD to responsive WordPress conversion?

The estimation of cost is done by our experts considering different factors comprising the size of the website, WordPress theme design, the number of PSD files to convert, etc.

What is covered in PSD to WordPress by default?

Though WordPress is a complete content management system, if something remains missing, we fulfill it while performing PSD to responsive WordPress conversion services.

How many hours do you work in a week?

We are five days operating company and deliver your project within a defined time frame

Which design format do you accept?

We accept various file formats including AI, PNG, PSD, PDF, JPEG, etc. according to the project requirement.