How to hire professionals for PSD to WordPress conversion

If you ever used Adobe Photoshop for editing images, then you might be familiar with PSD. PSD is a format for Photoshop documents. Images extracted from Photoshop are generally into PSD format. We can’t use these PSD images directly to create a WordPress website. Converting the PSD format image into a live WordPress website requires coding. Therefore, one needs to hire professionals for PSD to WordPress conversion.

hire professionals for PSD to WordPress conversion

Choose between a WordPress Designer & WordPress Developer?

WordPress Designer – WordPress designers also termed as WordPress architect. WordPress Designer is someone who has workd with UI & UX designs of websites. Suppose you want a new website for your business. Let’s assume a small restaurant business. In this situation, the developer will suggest you with different website layouts, that suit your restaurant business. If you need some additional functions like booking & tracking orders on your websites. Here the WordPress designer will suggest you with a number or premium plugins needed to carry out the specific task. Similarly, if there are any changes in your website, a designer can provide you with a custom template and configure it.

hire professionals for PSD to WordPress conversion

WordPress Developer/Programmer – A WordPress developer is a general programmer. One who has great knowledge about the WordPress ecosystem. A developer has ability to develop your website using custom codes. In most of the cases, people develop good knowledge about the templates, plugins. Most of the plugins & templates are easily available on websites like mythemeshop, themeforest etc. But the real challenge is developing your own theme. This is where WordPress Developers/Programmers come into action.


How to hire professionals for PSD to WordPress conversion?

There are companies, freelancers, software & tools that offer PSD to WordPress conversion services. To consider the best amongst them you need to know several factors. Below is a list of factors that you can consider before you hire professionals for PSD to WordPress conversion.

 hire professionals for PSD to WordPress conversion

  • Developer’s portfolio and estimated time to complete – This is an important factor to consider before starting with your work. Ask the company/developer to show their portfolio. Developer’s portfolio will give you a brief idea about his previous work. Also ask them about the time they required to complete a single project. Although it may vary depending on the project. But this will give you a rough idea about time you should you offer him to complete your work.
  • Provide guidance on use of WordPress – There might be large number of people new to WordPress CMS. As WordPress is simple and user friendly you can learn it on your own. If the developer has used custom codes & templates, may be your back-end will have some additional options. In this case, you can ask the developer to guide you with the use of custom dashboard.
  • Website testing before it goes live – Testing is an important part when it comes to developing a custom website. Using custom codes can make many differences in the website according to the client’s requirements. Most of the times both the client & developer both look after the testing process. This may include the design, website speed, errors etc. A professional developer will provide with all the support and make the required changes at the earliest.
  • Site Maintenance – Developing a website is not the end. A site should be maintained for a long run. These includes updating a website as per the latest technology. Periodical website performance checkups, Removing Virus, bugs & browser incompatibility, Server performance. There is a list of site maintenance services that a developer must look after.
  • WordPress site security – Most of us don’t even care about website security. There are various tools & WordPress plugins that can look after the security of your website. You can detect errors related to site security with Google webmaster’s tools. Ask the developer about the SSL certification for your website & what additional security services will be provided to keep your site safe.
  • Mobile friendly – Majority people now use mobile to browse the internet. It is an essential factor for a website to be mobile friendly. The website must be responsive, pixel perfect, superfast and easily accessible on any mobile device. Keep checking the load time of your website with tools like pingdom & Google page insights.
  • Web standards followed – As most of the code on your website will be manually coded. A developer must use the best standards and practices. Some of them are using html 5, CCS 3, JavaScript’s & PHP according to the latest standards followed. The developer should be using minified codes techniques to make the website fast on search engines, avoid the use of inline CSS techniques & follow all the search engine guidelines to develop a professional website.

Here are all the factors one must consider to hire professionals for PSD to WordPress conversion. Following these guidelines will always help you to stay ahead with website development. You can know more about our PSD to WordPress conversion services.



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