COVID-19 Business Evacuation Plan


First off, our greatest appreciation and thanks go to all our Front Lineworkers. The healthcare workers and everyone helping our community stay safe.

We are not Front Line. We are a small business delivering eCommerce & Digital Marketing Solutions using cloud-based tools. Yes, this is a good time to get your products & services online, but this is not a sales pitch. We are thinking about our families and our customers as that’s of the greatest importance to us.

In response to COVID-19, we’ve put in place several measures at Marqetrix Web Solutions to make sure we can continue to provide our services to our clients around the world as well as do what we can to help contain the spread of the virus.

It’s helpful to reflect on the fact that we offer a service whereby the performance and outcome of work produced will not be affected at all.


Marqetrix Web Solutions has decided to close our office in Mumbai and have our employees work remotely until further notice.

We are fortunate to be in an industry where we can work remotely. While we operate an agency with a physical office, every person on our team has had experience working from home before.

As an employee-first company, our main concern is always that our team is comfortable, safe, and has the resources to do their job no matter where we work. On the operations side, we have allocated resources so that all of our team members can continue their jobs, full time, from the safety of their homes during the COVID-19 crisis. We have a responsibility towards these people, including others who work in our building and those we come into contact with during each others’ daily commute.

We’re doing this in an effort to help prevent the spread of the virus because, while most Marqetrix Web Solutions employees are healthy and not in the high-risk category, we appreciate that is not the case for all of those around us, or on the broader community we live in.


We don’t believe it’ll cause much disruption to the rest of the team and business.

Most of our clients, for example, will be familiar with remote meetings; we regularly host virtual meetings between clients and Marqetrix Web Solutions.

All team members have access to reliable remote conferencing and workflow tools, so they can speak to anyone either within Marqetrix Web Solutions or outside of the organization, whenever they need or want to.

That means we can continue to frictionlessly share and work collaboratively cross-functionally, with the ultimate goal of always delighting our clients and partners.

OUR CORE VALUES AT Marqetrix Web Solutions:

Every one of our team members is committed to you, and our company.

If you are struggling, and need help – please reach out. We are extending free website updates for COVID-19 response announcements to all of our customers.

We love what we do. There is no better time to be passionate about the industry that we are part of. We are learning new technology yet this week, and are excited to continue learning as we work remotely.

We are here to help each other out. Whatever curveballs are thrown our way, we have a strong team. We have paid leave already in place, we have benefits to cover long term absences, and we are committed to making sure nobody on our team has to deal with financial hardships from this pandemic.

We value the work/life balance, and make a point to implement that in our culture.

That is, by far, the single most important value to us – and it is the one that we founded this company on. Overall, we want our team to contribute as much as they can, while never feeling that they are sacrificing time with their families, with their hobbies, or with whatever keeps them driving.

So, while we continue to move forward with the business, we recognize that many of our employees (myself included!) have young children and families that are similarly affected by this pandemic. We don’t foresee an interruption in “business as usual,” but we do ask that you be patient. Emails may take a bit longer to respond to, and you may get our voicemail. Our commitment to you is that we promise to respond. We’re pretty good at responding in less than one business day and hope to continue that trend. You may receive emails outside of our normal business hours as our team adjusts to new working schedules.


The coronavirus pandemic has become a challenge for everyone; affecting the economy of every country. It has just put a full stop in front of the growing economy. So, to cater that, Being a web development company, Marqetrix Web Solutions has decided to help small businesses in surviving these challenging times.

Our team comprises of 50 enthusiastic people who are using technology as their weapon to fight. Our fight against these hard times would result in better businesses situation. We, as time would contribute fully to the business world.


To be honest, any.

  • To those businesses that lack resources, we make sure they get uninterrupted access.
  • The work is seriously disrupted because the employers are laying off full-time employees due to financial reasons. Our zealous team members would love to help under such wrecking situations.
  • 50 % waiver on our services charges would be given to business whose work has come to a halt in this viral situation.
  • Ready-made website designs are also a key feature of our company. These can be availed under the heading business relief service.


For our expertise;

  • You can create a brand new e-commerce website to flourish your business
  • We provide PSD to HTML, PSD to an Email template, Sketch to HTML, and PSD to open source CMS conversion services which are SEO-friendly!
  • High-end PWAs can be created with features like push notifications, security, and interactivity in our Progressive Web Apps.
  • We have a thorough discussion with our clients making sure we know their exact requirements and can work upon them effectively.


For the past 12 years, we have a successful list of satisfied clients which made use of our best development techniques and praised our developers to date.

  • Our passionate developers have completed around 1500 projects and are confident of keeping the numbers rolling.
  • Our developers are working from home, but this physical change in working lifestyle has not impacted the results rather they feel as if they are working on a high morale mission now
  • Here at Marqetrix Web Solutions, confidentiality is our priority and is not taken for granted. In this time of crisis, you can confide in us with your thriving situations and ordeals.

Our wish to you is that you stay healthy and that you are able to continue business through these trying times. If you need advice, we are happy to recommend tools to make your own remote work life easier. Just send us an email, and let us know what you are struggling with – we are happy to help if we can!

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