Seven Rules


1. Trust the Process. We know What we are Doing

You do your job well and I do mine exceptionally well. Trust that I will do what’s right for your business when I give my professional suggestions. Isn’t that what you hired me for?

2.I may not have a response to your queries spontaneously; We need your patience for that.

We value our clients. Your questions deserve an informed answer. We believe in think before you respond. Spontaneous gibberish responses are better than delayed informed answers.

3. Challenges Excite Us, So challenge us.

Anything that makes an exciting project challenges. We are always up for that. But please remember realistic goals are achievable only with real challenges.

4.Work with us to be our partners, not our client

Something we all love about the partnership is that it brings benefits to both parties. Website Development is not just a product; it’s an expensive process. We are not one only one-time service providers; we believe in becoming lifetime partners.

5. Your Feedback is Important… It makes us better.

We could never be who we are today, if not for our clients. Your feedback is important to us as much our service is for you. Talk to us, let us know about your thoughts…But Don’t forget the rule number one.

6. Your Customers are more important to us than you.

This might sound awkward… But this is right. A business is nothing without its customers, and if there is something that does not entertain them, we prefer to stay away from it. Our goal is work for your customers, to make things work for you eventually…

7. Your Company needs money, and that is why you have hired us. So do we…

Good things come at a price, right? You are selling your services at a price, and when you sell something, you expect payment in return. We do our job whole-heartedly with full dedication, our prices are based on years of experience and the commitment we put into every single project we deliver. An investment in our future is ultimately an investment in your future.

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